Client: CaseFleet

In the legal profession, the discovery process is how we search for and uncover the truth. Today, nearly all the evidence worth discovering in
litigation is electronic. The level of precision offered by digital evidence makes e-discovery an extremely powerful tool for reconstructing past events. If done properly, it can expedite litigation and ensure more just outcomes for both civil and criminal cases.

Handling e-discovery requires us to understand something about how electronic information is stored, retrieved, searched, and produced. We also have a responsibility to our clients and our profession to have an adequate understanding of these issues. For too long, we’ve relied on outside experts to handle e-discovery for us, instead of learn the technical skills needed to run the process ourselves.

This ebook will enable you to have a better understanding of e-discovery. You’ll also learn how DIY e-discovery will help you minimize risk in your practice and save you valuable time and money. By taking time to learn more about electronic evidence, you will be more confident in your own skills and, most importantly, start getting dynamite evidence to prove your cases.

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